Charlottesville, Antifa and Not Settling for Less


I have to apologize for my last post. Giving a half-assed sales pitch for a crackpot idea and then asking for your money is no way to send out my first post in over a year. My apologies for that. It’s just difficult for me to see how I could have anything worthwhile to contribute. However, I’ve been talking with some comrades and they’ve helped me gain some self-confidence. I want to talk to you about the Antifa.

Lately, since Charlottesville, I’ve been seeing a lot mentioned about it on the mainstream media. I think it’s good that you are getting the recognition you deserve even if it’s somewhat controversial. I know you’ve been around for a long time and have really been stepping up your efforts since Donald Trump started his ascension to power. I have mad respect and gratitude. Especially because I’m a minority. However, I want to run something by you.

I know they deserve to be punched in the face as much so or more than the next man, but I think we as anarchists have bigger things to concern ourselves with. I’m not saying that our presence shouldn’t be made known at their little rallies. I’m just saying we should think twice before risking jail time over them. Jail and prison isn’t worth these scumbags. Because, guess what? Jail and prisons are filled with them. A white guy without a Swazi or lightning bolts tattoo is really the exception and not the rule. White supremacy runs rampant like the black plague in the prison systems. And guess what? There are no anarchists! Not to say anarchists aren’t imprisoned but that anarchists don’t have numbers in prison. Wherever you end up, the chances are you’re going to be alone. The fascists will always out number us. Even if they don’t know what fascism is as many don’t. Hell, I’m not an expert either though. Most inmates aren’t politically savvy. It’s not unusual for me to see guys walking around with both Swazi and anarchists tattoos. Yet, somehow I’m the confused one with a “circle A” on my right hand and a “hammer and sickle” on my left.

I think the main difference between our camp and theirs (besides our ideology) is our funding. Fascists can make their money selling drugs and guns because for the most part they’re looking at a slap on the wrist. As to where in most cases we’re declared enemies of the state and face much harsher punishments. Even if we were on a level playing field in regards to the amount of time we were looking at, they’re still better funded than we are. Being that they can also come from all professions. As to where most (not all!) anarchists are stuck working odd end jobs just to pay the bills.

My point in all this is that possibly we should have more of a focus on strengthening our own ranks rather than spreading them thin by straining them with unnecessary prisoner support. Maybe I’m a hypocrite for saying that, but I recognize that I’ve become an unnecessary burden. It urks me to no end that I don’t feel like I can contribute in a meaningful way. In all the thinking I’ve done, the best idea I have to “give back” is to “make something of myself,” so I can feed funds back into the scene. Money more than anything is what I think we need right now.

In short, I think we need to be encouraging each other and helping each other to realize our fullest potential and not settle for less. Be that a doctor, a scientist, artist, or whatever we aspire to. I think a lot of people get caught up or deterred in associating these aspirations as a product of the capitalist system. No doubt they’re intertwined. But we live in a capitalist society. There’s nothing we can do about that. However, how you make your money and how you spend it are two different things. Thanks for listening.


Casey Brezik