Fusion-Powered Rockets, Used Cars and a New Post-Release Fund


Hello! How are you doing?! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Partially I feel bad for that but partially I consider you could probably care less. Lol. I’ve been doing alright. I’ve seen some bad times but some good times too. Most importantly, I got married March 14th, 2017. That’s been a blessing. I’ve been fairly depressed otherwise though. I’ve had a few issues in here but a big cause has been my hopeless outlook for my Anarchists in Space aspirations. Finding funds seems impossible. But recently, I’ve come across something.

I’m not recalling exactly what all was said in my last post, but I know my plans for college have changed. My family wasn’t able to pay for any correspondence courses, although I was able to get ahold of a calculus textbook and have had support with studies from another comrade. So, I am still making progress. For a while that was slow though because of a bad situation I was in for 6 months due to have a terrible celly. Anyway, my intentions, as of now, are to get out and attend St. Charles Community College. They do a lot of work with the prison here. I figure they’ll allow me to attend. I’ll go there to take care of my basics before transferring to Missouri University of Science and Technology to pursue a doctorate’s in aerospace engineering. If I’m going to build a rocket, it only makes sense that I study rocket science.

That brings me to the idea I have to generate funding for the project. I still figure building a fueling station for a new generation of fusion-powered rockets is a good idea. But, it’d be better if we could build a fusion-powered rocket to get there. Really a two option rocket. Something we could use conventional means to get there with. Then, carry a small payload that could convert the lunar soil (regolith) into fuel to power an even further expedition. If we can start mining our solar system we’re bound to attract wealthier investors to fund our expeditions.

I realize this poses a problem because we’d be adopting capitalist tactics by taking on investors, but with a good business plan I think the effects could be kept to a minimum. There’s still plenty of time to work out the details, though. I’m not eligible for parole until November 2020 and it’ll take another 8 years to complete my Ph.D. That’s long enough to work out the details. Right now, it’s just important that we have something to work towards.

That brings me to something else though. I need some help. I’ve been saving back money that people have been sending me. I have $1,300 now. However, I don’t think that’ll be enough for when I’m released. The few sources I was relying on for funding have ceased due to complications. My goal is to have about $3,500 once I’m released. The plan is to buy a cheap vehicle to help me get to work and school in St. Louis. Plus, I’d use some money for rent. Hopefully, I can find someone to room with. We’ll see. It’s still too far off to figure that out yet. Currently, I’m receiving $50 a month from family. Of that I’m saving $30/month. That should put me close to $2,500 by the time I get out. My hope is that I can solicit about $1,000 from my comrades in order to get the rest. If you can help, I’d be greatly appreciative.

If you’re interested in sending funds there are three ways you can do it:

  1. The best way is to donate to the PayPal account that is collecting money for my post-release fund.
  2. You can go to AccessCorrections.com and use my inmate information (Casey M. Brezik/ #1154765/ Missouri Dept. of Corr.) to send money online or find instructions to do so by phone, or,
  3. You can write me a letter stating you’d like to send funds and I can send you a deposit slip that you can send in with a money order.

If you create an account at AccessCorrections.com, you can send me free emails. Just beware I can’t email you back. I’d have to write you. So don’t forget to include your address.

In other news, there won’t be a book coming out any time soon. I may have an idea for what to write but the actual process is difficult and beyond me right now. Mad respect to all the authors out there.

I hope everyone is doing alright. Thanks for taking the time to listen.