Casey’s Parole Board Hearing

Casey had a parole hearing on November 21. It seemed to have gone well. There were lots of hard questions and remarks about the reasons he is locked up from the two man parole board. They weren’t physically there; instead they were being televised to us from an office in Jefferson City. Off camera, there was a victim in the room. It’s unclear whom or if they were there to recommend he not be released. It’s possible that the victim was there in a somewhat sympathetic capacity—Casey has mentioned in the past that he heard one of the victims had openly considered his mental health and drug abuse issues as a reason for his actions. Ultimately, Casey seemed to satisfy the boards remarks and questions as much as he could. The two men said a number of times that they were impressed by Casey’s answers and reflections.

Unfortunately Casey is currently in Ad-Seg for an alleged assault (he was being bullied and had to stand up for himself) that happened just last week. This was brought up in the hearing. But it seemed like the parole board was somewhat sympathetic, agreeing and saying that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself in prison, it’s a hard place, etc. We should know in the next two to three months whether he has been approved for parole.

Fingers crossed!