Casey has been moved!

Casey was recently transferred to a minimum security prison in Jefferson City, Missouri. This transfer has happened because Casey’s security classification has lowered and he is able to be in a lower security facility affording him slightly better communication and access to resources.

While the move has a positive note, Casey still needs our continued support. As a long-term anarchist prisoner, Casey has relied heavily on the outside movement to show support for him during his long sentence, and with alarming regularity we as a broader movement have not shown up for him as we should. With his sentence beginning to near a relative end we are pushing for a more concerted effort in showing support and solidarity for Casey.


As he adjusts to new surroundings Casey would love letters and notes from old and new friends alike. His new address is below…

Casey Brezik #1154765
Algoa Correctional Center
8501 No More Victims Road
Jefferson City, MO 65101


Those supporting Casey have created a post-release fund for him with the understanding that our care does not end when he is released but simply takes on a different tone. Casey will face a multitude of challenges as a felon, a man of color and an anarchist once he is released. Ensuring that he has some economic ground to stand on will lessen one aspect of the direct difficulties of a post-release life. Please donate to Casey’s fund.

Please continue to check back to this site for new writings by Casey, requests for direct support and any other important updates.