Anything is Possible: Continuing the Discussion of Anarchist Space Travel


I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. That’s my fault. Hopefully, you’ll forgive me.

In my last post, I made a plea for Anarchists in Space. Since then, I’ve received letters from people who support the concept and even some just speaking about the concept. I think this is good. It’s a start. However, it’s not an end. I want to develop a means to an end to transform my and others’ dream into a reality.

To do this I recognize I/we need momentum to carry us forward in our pursuit of progress. Without momentum the project will simply die off and reside forever in the dark corners of our minds as a forgotten memory. I don’t want that to be the case.

When I wrote my last post (Anarchists in Space) I was simultaneously presenting the idea and taking responsibility for its development. The idea is out there now. We (all who are interested) need to make it happen. Here are my thoughts:

  • Carbon-fiber nanotubes: These are stronger than steel and they weigh far less. Why shouldn’t we incorporate them into our design? I mean, how hard is carbon to come across? We breathe it out of our lungs all the time, right? They also conduct electricity.
  • Water: water is made out of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen (H₂0). Electricity will separate the two gases into their base elements. Rockets are utilizing liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. I’m not sure, but I believe the process is known as “electrolysis” (separating the gases by using electricity).

Further, it’s my understanding (I’m trying to look into this) that enough pressure added to a gas will turn it into a liquid. If that’s the case…We could utilize water to get our gases and use them as you would with a hot air balloon, which I’m reading can go pretty high

In fact, I’m reading Richard Branson’s Reach for the Skies and supposedly a Hungarian-American engineer named Theodore von Kàrmàn rose to 62.1 miles. The amount of fuel we’d save by utilizing the gases (specifically hydrogen despite its being highly flammable) is significant. We don’t have any millionaires supporting us.  LOL.

My idea to add pressure to the gases comes from the Chinese finger traps. I’m not nearly as well versed in geometry as I am in algebra. So, the design is something I need to work on still. I’ll get to it though. Anyway.

  • The Rosetta Spacecraft: This is the one that recently (about 2 ½ years ago) chased down a comet traveling over 75,000 mph. it achieved this speed by using other planets’ gravity wells. Such as Earth’s, Mars’ and Jupiter’s. This slingshot maneuver is used to gain momentum without burning fuel. It strikes me that we could use Earth’s gravity well to get us into orbit around the moon. We may not even need to reach Earth’s escape velocity (25,000 mph) because the moon is still within Earth’s gravity well.

Okay. Now we’re getting somewhere, right? Things are beginning to appear manageable. There’s more though.

I don’t have access to the internet. I need your help in getting articles through the mailroom. There are two ways I can receive articles or even lectures. The first is to have long articles/lectures sent to me directly from a publisher/distributor/ or even a zine distro. The catch is that they must be void of any personal correspondence. They have to be sent separate of letters. Which brings me to the next means: personal correspondence can be received with up to five inserts (clippings/printed article pages). Also, pictures must be sent separately as well.

Okay, now’s the time to tell you about my decision. Hopefully, no one’s upset with me, but I’ve realized as much as I want to begin taking correspondence courses for college credits, they just cost way too much. A thousand dollars goes a long way if spent strictly on textbooks. I can get further with my time by studying on my own. Then, when I’m released I can utilize what I’ve learned in order to take CLEP tests (a means to opt out of a course while still receiving credit for it by taking a test over the material). It’s no doubt a more manageable and efficient use of my funds. I apologize for my indecisiveness. I just want to make sure I pick the right path. I know this is it. I don’t have to pinch my pennies this way.

Lastly, pictures. On the off chance that you want to send me pictures, it must be done separately from any correspondence. Pictures must come in an envelope by themselves. No limit to how many, though. And I love receiving pictures.  So, thank you in advance!

I believe we can achieve this “fueling station” on the moon and even build an ARC (Anarchist Resistance Craft) to take us anywhere. However, I can’t do it alone. I need your help. If any of you could print off articles for me I’d be extremely grateful. Especially concerning the three topics I listed off. I’m on the limit as to how many books I can possess. So, please hold off on books. What I’d really enjoy is discussing the ideas/concepts I’ve spoken on whether or not you’re for or against Anarchists in Space.

That’s all for now comrades. Thank you for hearing me out. I intend on attempting to write the code for an Anarchists in Space website where we can discuss more amongst each other. Two heads are greater than one! It’ll take me a minute though. Please be patient with me.  Thank you so much to everyone for all the various ways you are showing me support. ‘Til next time, take care of each other comrades!